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Future Architecture


The long, slender silvery structure extends in the middle of Nevada desert valleys represents our exploration in breaking the limitation of time and space, “which all happens under the same roof.” Not only should the Hyperloop campus foster the future of transportation, but also a place reconnecting the journey of our ancestors, who passed on the will and knowledge through generations and bring the mankind from wheel to loop. Transparency, or openness, is the key for research and innovation while an unruffled environment is necessary for off-work staff and researchers. Therefore, the spaces are packed in a linear containment and arranged in an order of openness, from public to private programs. This ends up in an ultra-long structure that extends more than 400 meters along the highway. Even though the living area is separated from the main interior, all the programs share a single roof structure. The office, lab, and training center are closely connected, “all the magic happen under one roof.” Environmental wise, the environmental impact is minimized by using low-emissivity glass for the walls, installing photostatic and a thermal water heating system on the roof. The power supply is preserved in both active and passive means. The water collected on the roof is filtered, purified, and stored for grey water supply for the building.

Jacky Chau Chun Shing

Kevin Tsoi Ka Ming

Bryan Yuen Siu Faat

Timothy Lam Yuet Lai

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