Future Architecture

The Breeze Catcher is a piloti merged with modern innovation. The Breeze Catcher integrated the load-bearing structural function and lighting purpose in one column, forming an urban landscape that inter-act with its surrounding with creating a dynamic lighting condition. Its aerodynamic form enables the urban breeze to blow through the semi-hollow 3-dimensional form that the column has, turning the wind turbines placed inside the column to generate electricity. LED strips laying from the capital to the footing of the column not only lights up according to the wind velocity, but it also acts as a pattern decorating the column. The capital of the column stretches to the ceiling to provide luminance and the footing has the potential of creating social encounters. The placement of the wind turbines is intended to reduce wind turbulence since the alignment is also 3 dimensional and the size of the turbines is controlled within 200-600 mm. The Breeze Catcher is a schematic design thinking beyond the limitations of a traditional column.

Untitled presentation.png